Master Of Leadership And Corporate Governance (MLC)

About the programme: Master of Leadership and Corporate Governance explores the leadership and governance practices of both public and private organizations. This degree affords an extensive level of knowledge that will enable leaders to anticipate, envision, manage knowledge and unlock the creativity in their followers. Corporate Governance, which is a system by which organisations are directed and controlled, questions the role of leadership in creating fairness and transparency in the use and management of resources. Graduates of this programme will be able to ensure that their organisations put in place corporate governance best practices and strategic leadership that create sustained superior performance. Entry Requirements:
Normal Entry Mature Entry
  • A First Degree in Management Sciences with a 2.2 grade or better; and
  • Minimum 3 years management experience.
  • English; and Mathematics or equivalent.
  • Minimum 35 years;
  • Possession of a Professional Qualification in Management Sciences; and
  • Minimum 10 years management experience.


Part 1 Semester 1

MLC501         Principles & Models of Corporate Governance

MLC502         Leadership & Leadership Styles

EMB501         Financial Management for Business Leaders

MBL525         Strategic Human Resource Management

MBL514         Strategic Management

MLC513         Motivation, Coaching & Mentoring

Part 1 Semester 2

MBL511         Business Research Methods

MBL527         Strategic Business Leadership and Organizational Dynamics

MLC514         Succession Planning

MBL508         Corporate Governance & Business Ethics

MLC506         Conflict Management

MLC515         Strategic Change Management

Part 2 Semester 1

MLC600         Dissertation